Here at Verus Publishing, we work to ensure that all information in our directories is up-to-date and accurate. We appreciate your initiative to also ensure that your information is correct.

About The Below Form

  • Use this form to submit any textual changes/updates regarding your listing (name, phone, etc.)

  • Use this form to submit a new listing for the 2019 Northern Virginia Legal Directory Deadline 2/28/2019

  1. We'll gather your new information. (This goes in the directory.)

  2. For updates on existing listings, we'll ask you to provide the name, address, and primary phone number that exist on the current listing. (This doesn't go in the directory - we use this info to help identify your current listing.)

  3. We'll ask for information about who to contact regarding this change of information. We'll ask you to provide some basic contact information so we can verify with you that we have received your submission. (This doesn't go in the directory.)

  4. Please check over your information one last time before clicking Submit! Easy!